The materials on this site are designed to be used either by teachers in the ESL classroom or by individuals who wish to practice their vocabulary skills independently.

The crosswords are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels with the difficulty of both vocabulary and clues increasing with each level. The crosswords can be solved online or downloaded in PDF format either with or without a wordlist or in a 'pair work' format to allow students to work together.

It is hoped that the crosswords will provide learners of English with a fun and interesting way of developing their vocabulary skills. In particular, they can help learners make connections between form and meaning (linking words to clues) and improve spelling (by placing the words letter by letter in the grid). Solving crossword puzzles may have additional benefits such as developing problem-solving and decision-making skills.

This website was designed and all the crosswords were devised by John O'Leary, an EFL teacher from the UK. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to email at johnol22442244@gmail.com.